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  Applying for Digital Driver / Company cards


 Digital Tachograph Shop


 We can advise which software is best to use with your dirver cards / company cards, please use the contact form link below.


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 Driver CPC Training


   We can arrange for Driver Certificate of Professional Competance training for individual candidates, owner drivers or for large companies looking to schedule training over specific months, weeks or days of the year before the deadline in September 2014.


   After this time if yourself or your drivers have not gained the Driver Qualification Card you/they WILL NOT be legally permitted to drive professionally within the European Union until you/they obtain the relevant training hours.


   We will take care of all admin tasks involved with the DCPC training. Place you or your drivers on the course that suits them and benefits your ornagisation as a whole.


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Digital Tachograph driver and company card application packs are now available from the Driver & Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) 

please call - 0300 790 6109 -

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